Lea Stein black cream grey turtle
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£ 65

The Lea Stein black cream and grey striped turtle brooch - designed in the 1990s.  It has a black base with a striped top.  The photograph shows marks where the light has bounced but in reality these marks do not show.  It is a very striking design.  It is a genuine Lea Stein and has the correct pin 'Lea Stein Paris' on the back.  Beware the copies and fakes - the real deal is much better!  Ref: 3337 D39/14  Please see my web site www.gillianhorsup for photo of the back and measurements.  Please look under Lea Stein at the top of the list.

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Gillian Horsup

Famous in the fashion world, Gillian buys and sells an eclectic mix of vintage jewellery, collectables and fashion accessories. 

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