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Browse collectables from the dealers at Alfies, items date from antique to the modern day and include a plethora of sought after items such as ceramics, silver, limited editions, sets and more 

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Portrait of dealer from Alfies Antique Market

Linda Bee

Linda specialises in vintage clothing, handbags and other accessories, as well as perfume bottles, powder compacts, cat-related items, and photo frames. She has a particular fondness for Chanel and Schiaparelli, Edwardian pieces and the mid-war period, especially anything glamorous and haute couture. She has an international clientele. Her customers are themselves people of the theatre, performers, artists, designers, and other dealers.

a stack of yellow and orange bakelite jewellery


Lola deals in 20th century vintage costume jewellery, compacts, handbags and fashion accessories specialising in early plastic pieces.

Portrait of dealer from Alfies Antique Market

Gillian Horsup

Famous in the fashion world, Gillian buys and sells an eclectic mix of vintage jewellery, collectables and fashion accessories. 

This includes some antique and Victorian jewellery, art nouveau jewellery, art deco jewellery, early plastic jewellery - such as celluloid, bakelite and galalith jewellery, Czech and Venetian glass jewellery, white paste jewellery, jet jewellery, Mexican jewellery, silver jewellery, 40's and 50's and more modern jewellery such as 60's plastic jewellery, 80's gilt jewellery, Lea Stein, Pavone and Butler & Wilson jewellery. 

Portrait of dealer from Alfies Antique Market

Horner Antiques

Horner Antiques specialises in Asian antique and vintage ceramics in a variety of colors and styles.  They have something  for every style and taste.  They also celebrate Christmas all year round with a large selection of vintage glass ornaments from all over the globe.  From daily celebrations of beautiful Asian wares to the yearly wonder of Christmas, Horner Antiques will delight the senses.

Antque Gold Locket collection

Naneen Brooks

Naneen has been established at Alfies for many years and stocks a wonderful range of antique jewellery from the 19th & 20th century. Expect to find stunning items such as pearl cufflinks, coral brooches, garnet bracelets, sapphire rings, diamond necklaces and a wide variety of Whitby Jet jewellery. 

close up of oriental vase

Hongman Yang

First Floor

13-25 Church Street
London, NW8 8DT

Vintage barware

Dream Retro

Dream Retro is aimed at anyone with a fondness for the retro lifestyle, which spans the late 1930s to the mid 1960s. Books, records, barware, glassware, jewellery, handbags, men and women's accessories. Jeniffer is a long time fan of 1950s and early Hollywood films which turned into a passion for buying, collecting and selling vintage items and accessories.

Collecton of 20th century China plates

W & L Antiques

W & L Antiques sells porcelain from the early 19th century through to the 1950s including Shelley, Paragon, Susie Cooper, Royal Doulton, Wedgwood and many others and a varied collection of the very collectable and stylish Carlton Ware from the 1940s. 

They also have a quality range of glass ware, including Victorian champagne glasses and whiskey tumblers, as well as some fine Art Deco mirrors and other Art Deco items.

A selection of vintage luggage

Tin Tin Collectables Luggage

Tin Tin Collectables has recently expanded to create a new space exclusively for antique and vintage luggage, and travel accessories. From large trunks to antique travel irons there is a huge selection that will take you back to a more glamorous and stylish way of getting to your favourite holiday destinations.